Seeking Maternity Models

I have recently added three new dress to my client closet. I get so excited when I acquire a new maternity dress, that means more options! Since I don’t have any current maternity clients I have to make a model call. These model calls include one free digital download with the option to purchase additional images at $10 per image. Or the whole album for $100. Sometimes model calls are nerve racking, “is anyone going to respond?” So far I have not had any problems, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Maternity pictures are my favorite kind of photo. I love the elegance of the dress, the beauty of the mother, and the story her body is telling. I myself didn’t have maternity pictures taken by a professional, and I am bummed I missed my opportunity. My next pregnancy I am not going to miss out again! I have already chosen to not do them myself and instead support a fellow photographer.

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